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OPH-MS Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope

Operating Microscopes


The OPH-MS is a versatile microscope designed for both surgical and clinical environments. With an intelligent LED illumination system that runs long and cool, an Apochromatic optical system, and superb RedReflex system, and motorized movement, this microscope delivers on the promise of high performance at affordability.

A super bright LED produces over 80,000 Lux with a color temperature of 5700 degrees Kelvin to produce a natural daylight illumination. A run time of 60,000 hours eliminates the need for bulb change. Electronics built directly into the swivel arm make the OPH-MS the most compact solution in its class.

An Apochromatic optical system produces sharp, aberration-free images at every step. Optics coatings promise the highest degree of anti-reflective and anti-scratch properties, yielding artifact free and durable optics.



Binocular Tube

45° inclined head

Apochromatic Magnichanger

5 steps: 0.4X, 0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X, 2.5X


WF 10X/16 mm with eye guards, diopter adjustment ± 5 mm and diopter lock; Optional: WF 12.5X/16 mm


f-200 mm Optional: f-175 mm

Light Source



Green & Blue

Vertical Movement

550 mm